The Winter Course 2019

All new enquiries, please email me so I can add you to my mailing list. I will then forward any details/booking information.


The Winter Course will start on Tuesday 12th Wednesday 13th Thursday 14th Friday 15th and Monday 18th of November. Please see the timetable.


It will run for a straight 6 weeks. It is possible to join up to week 3 as its flexible, so you can make up any missed class on a given course by doing 2 classes another week.


The last class of the course will be held on Monday 23rd December. 


The New Year Course will start on Tuesday 7th January.


The cost is £60 for 6 hours of classes, based on 1 class per week of the course.


If you would like to do the optional Pre-classes before the Intermediate class on Wednesday or Friday, it will cost an additional £35. 


All classes are flexible. You can mix the classes to suit your own schedule. Great for people working shifts. You can make up any missed class on a given course, by doing more than 1 class another week including the Pre-classes.

All Adult Ballet Classes are course only with no drop in, as this a busy course that progresses with each week building on the last.


Please arrive to your first class about 5-10 mins before we start as it can take awhile signing in.

Beginner Level:

This class is for both complete beginner's who enjoy a challenge and for those with a little experience who want to improve their technique. The pace is very steady with the emphasis on strength and posture, Port de bras and basic technique, with simple exercises.


Intermediate Level:

This class is similar to a company class where you can work at your own level. It is suitable for those who have a fair amount of experience to around Intermediate level and above. If you are feeling a bit rusty, the pre-class can be added.



This is a 30 minute coaching style class for those wanting to improve basic technique and posture, with the main focus on the Intermediate course choreography. This must be booked inconjunction with the main class that follows. It makes a great warm up too.


For details and booking info, please email me to be added to my mailing list. I will then send them at the time to register, about a week before the next course starts.


After Ballet Social

Feel free to join us after Ballet on Thursday evenings for a drink or dinner and on Friday's for lunch or coffee to meet new friends. All welcome!