Here's what people are saying about Louise's ballet classes and retreats...


"Discovering a former Royal Ballet/English National Ballet dancer in Louise Bracey felt like flying to the moon, going into orbit.  What a most extraordinary privilege.  I could not believe it.  When I first entered class one memorable day last Autumn I was struck by Louise's warmth, open personality, quirky humour and lively, yet grounded approach.  In addition, the studio seemed huge and wonderful.  I have spent a year going twice a week from Bath to Bristol, using train and bus, attending all classes with much joy.  The whole atmosphere, the teaching, the choreography, everything is just a complete one off, even the privilege of watching Louise move.  It's just all very special indeed and I feel convinced that I could attend many classes and never repeat this opportunity in life.  My self esteem has gone up; I feel like I am improving slowly; even my posture is changing.  I am in love with all the cues and all the details and artistic design that class brings. It's fun too and we have whacky moments.  And we all go for lunch afterwards.  People of all levels attend and there is a very loyal following".

Melanie Norman, Bath
Having started ballet with Louise a year ago from a zero level of knowledge, I can say that her Friday classes have exceeded all my expectations. The pre-class has been of great benefit in helping me to learn the basics and by attending this and the general class I have come to really enjoy ballet and made some good friends. Louise has the unique ability to teach combining the skills of a clearly accomplished professional dancer with a light hearted and encouraging approach so appreciated by the group. There is a wonderful atmosphere to her classes and events. She is an exemplary instructor and a great sociable person - dedicated, encouraging and FUN! 

Georgia, 52 
Chew Valley


I just wanted to say a big thanks to you - loving the classes - giving a normality and reminder of life beyond Covid. 

Vicki Harris, Bristol


Thanks Louise! I had a lovely cool down stretch on the kitchen worktop really enjoying it. Feel better for it and really enjoying your enthusiasm and energy.

And, I love Adage! That's so cool that you are including it, as it's always been my favorite part of Classical Ballet repertoire.
I absolutely love how my body is changing! I'd love to continue..


Sally Mantle, Glastonbury

I really enjoyed both classes! It’s nice to feel as if I’m retaining a bit of ‘normality’ as ballet was one of my favourite parts of my weekly routine before the lockdown, so I love that I’ve still the opportunity to keep that! :) tearing up as I write this!) Thanks so much.
Harriet wood, 27
First of all I just want to tell you how refreshing and lovely it is to engage with your online classes. They provide a focus for the week where every day can seem the same during lockdown!!!! 
It’s good to keep the muscles and toes in shape ready for our return to the studio in better times! 
Thanks for your ongoing enthusiasm which diffuses through to ether into our very homes!!!! 
Sue Wright, Bristol
Thanks for a thorough (Ballates) workout. I haven't done anything like this for years and I'm enjoying it more than I thought I would. It's certainly reaching parts I've been complacent in giving attention to!
Nicky Packer, Bristol
The perfect class for self-quarantine: compact in scope, dancey enough to make you feel musical, simple enough to make you feel competent, yet with sufficient challenge to give you room to grow. It's a cheerful and welcoming group and I am so delighted to have found it!  Zooming in from Romania, I am at once no longer as isolated and happily warm and stretchy. Loved it!
And In Romanian...
Clasa perfectă pentru auto-carantină: dimensiune compactă, suficient de dansantă pentru a te simți muzical, suficient de simplu pentru a te face să te simți competent, dar cu suficientă provocare pentru a-ți oferi loc să crești. Este un grup prietenos și sunt  încântata că l-am găsit! Sunt în România, nu mai sunt la fel de izolata. - Sara din Iasi 
Sarah D, Romania

I feel so lucky to have found Louise and her brilliant ballet lessons. During a 6 year break from ballet dancing, I tried a few different groups and lessons before finding Louise's classes which led me to fall in love with ballet all over again. Since starting lessons earlier this year, I have felt so much more confident and more motivated with a healthier body and mind. Louise's classes are accessible (including by adapting to lockdown so classes could continue from home!) yet challenging, and artistically beautiful. Louise is a fantastic and patient teacher with a kind and encouraging attitude, as well as making sure we all have a laugh along the way! I am really grateful to Louise; her classes give my mind an escape and are helping to build up my self-esteem and confidence. Many thanks Louise, and I can't wait to get back to lessons in the studio soon. 


Sophie Keegan, 23, Bristol